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Registration entails completing an online form using one of the below links, which vary based on the payment terms and available discounts. Choose the form that best suits you and your situation. After registering online, there are a couple of other online forms that will need to be accessed and completed prior to the beginning of TYC, including our Health Form, Participant Agreement, and reading and affirming our TYC Covenant. A link to access those forms will be emailed to you following registration. Begin by selecting a registration option below.
Standard Rate ($450) - Optional Automatic Payment Plan

Standard Rate ($450) - Optional Automatic Payment Plan

This form is for those intending to pay in full at the time of registration or who would like to set-up an automatic payment plan. Using the automatic payment plan option allows you to pay as little as $100.00 today and establishes a payment plan ensuring that the balance is paid in full on or before 7/14/2024

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Our Rates and Payment page can be viewed here. Please also review our Terms & Conditions.

Pay Only the Deposit Today ($100.00)
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  • TYC 2024: July 14th - 20th
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