Eight (8) different workshops will be offered at TYC 2023. Each participant will attend two workshops daily. When registering, applicants should select the four most appealing workshop topics, noting that availability is not guaranteed. Workshop assignments will be given to participants upon arrival at TYC.


A. Don't Know Much About History
A. Don't Know Much About History - There is plenty of darkness in the Church's past; join this workshop to learn more and to shine a light so we as God's Church can do better in the future.
B. Rays of the Soul
C. Echoes from the Mountaintops
D. Holy Grounds
E. Hack it and Craft it
F. Sacred Storytelling
G. The Lasso Way
H. Food and Fellowship

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  • TYC 2023 Dates: July 16-22
  • TYC 2023 Registration now open!
  • Last day to register: 7/15/2023
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