Ten (10) different workshops will be offered at TYC 2021. Each participant will attend two workshops daily. When registering, applicants should select the four most appealing workshop topics, noting that availability is not guaranteed. Workshop assignments will be given to participants upon arrival at TYC.

A. Peace Under Pressure
A. Peace Under Pressure - It's a hectic and stressful world that we live in today. God commands us to have a Sabbath. Discuss the struggles and challenges of everyday life, and learn the importance of taking mindful rest during our busy lives.
B. A Light in the Dark
C. Cooking Inspires Community
D. Faith, Film, and Fiction
E. Triple Threat Trinity
F. Answering the Call
G. Faith and Fitness
H. Christ in Crafts
I. Me and You and God
J. Let's Talk About It

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  • TYC 2022 Dates: July 17-23
  • TYC 2022 Registration to begin in 2/22
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