Ten (10) different workshops will be offered at TYC 2022. Each participant will attend two workshops daily. When registering, applicants should select the four most appealing workshop topics, noting that availability is not guaranteed. Workshop assignments will be given to participants upon arrival at TYC.

A. The Love Within
A. The Love Within - It's hard to find ways to love/appreciate yourself. We hope to use this workshop to enable ourselves and others on our journey of self love and appreciation the way that God loves us.
B. Heaven's Kitchen
C. Exploration of God's Creation
D. Crafts: The Heart of Art!
E. Caffeine and Christianity
F. Performing with a Purpose
G. Heart to Mind
H. How are We Fearfully and Wonderfully Made?
I. Queer Saints of the Church
J. Love is More Than Just a Game for Two

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  • TYC 2022 Dates: July 17-23
  • TYC 2022 Registration now open!
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