• The Cross, the central symbol of the Christian faith and representative of the Risen Christ who stands at the center of life in the TYC community.
  • The Triquetra is a three-part interlocking fish symbol that symbolizes the Christian trinity.
  • The position of the Triquetra over the center of the cross brings to mind the Celtic Cross symbolizing the Scottish heritage of the Presbyterian Church.
  • The Clasped Hands symbolize the tightly bonded community built around our love and common faith in Christ.
  • The Hands Holding the Cross symbolize the mission of TYC to support the Church of Jesus Christ by strengthening the people of God and developing young leaders.
  • The Color Blue is the traditional color of the Presbyterian Church recalling our Scottish heritage and Reformed Faith.
The TYC logo is loosely based on a design created by former Trinity Youth Conference participant, Scott Klinger.

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  • TYC 2024: July 14th - 20th
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