Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Friends of Trinity Youth Conference consists of five officers and up to six additional board members. The officers of the board make up the Executive Committee. Presently, the officers of the Board include the following persons:

  • President: Chad Johnson (2016)
  • Vice President for Mission Interpretation: Phil Beck (2016)
  • Vice President for Fundraising: Kelsey Blaine (2016)
  • Secretary: James Hilliard (2016)
  • Treasurer: Jason Best (2016)

The non-officer directors of the board include the following persons:

  • Nellie Hestin (2015)

Non-officer directors are to be drawn from:

  • Up to three individuals with at least three years of TYC participation as a youth.
  • One individual who is, or has been, a TYC staff member.
  • One individual who is a parent of a current or previous TYC participant.
  • One individual that is an “at-large” board member.

Officers of the Board serve three-year terms. All non-officer Board members serve two-year terms.

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  • $4,855 donated during year-end fundraiser!
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