The Friends of TYC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation established to support TYC, needs your help. Please prayerfully consider how God may be calling you to help sustain and grow the important ministry of Trinity Youth Conference. You can:

Pray for TYC. Pray for its ministry to high school youth and college-age young adults and its role in the life of the Church. Pray for TYC’s volunteer leadership – that through their sacrifice and example, the youth of today will be mentored, equipped, and enabled to be the church leaders and parishioners God calls them to be. Pray for the participants – that they may grow in their faith and service to Jesus Christ and hold each other accountable as they live their lives as God’s chosen people, and as part of the TYC community.

Volunteer. Volunteer to help with fundraising efforts or to help organize a TYC alumni event. Volunteer to help the Friends of TYC reach those people from your time at TYC that we may no longer have contact with. Volunteer to share your TYC experience with your church leaders and membership and explain to them why TYC is important to you/your faith. Volunteer to talk about TYC during a “minute for mission” during worship at your church. Volunteer to print and distribute brochures at your church and in your community. Volunteer your gifts, services, and expertise, whatever they may be, to help support the Friends of TYC as it endeavors to sustain and grow the ministry of TYC.

Recruit. Reach out to the high school youth and college age young adults in your church and strike up a conversation with them. Talk to them about TYC and the amazing community of brothers and sisters in Christ they could (and should) be a part of. Take an interest in their lives and be real with them. Be a mentor to them. Talk to your Pastor or Director of Youth Ministries about TYC over a cup of coffee and develop a strategy for getting at least one youth to give TYC a try this year. Be instrumental in getting your church leadership to set aside funding to be used in sponsoring its youth once they register.

Stay in touch, and reach out to us (and others) for help as you go about doing the above. We are, after all, a TYC family, and families exist to love and support one another.
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