Ten (10) different workshops will be offered at TYC 2019. Each participant will attend two workshops daily. When registering, applicants should select the four most appealing workshop topics, noting that availability is not guaranteed. Workshop assignments will be given to participants upon arrival at TYC.
A. Unspoken Challenges (Mental Health)
Opportunity to discuss and increase awareness on a topic not normally talked about in the church. See how the Holy Spirit relates to Mental Health.
B. Expressions of Love
How do we show love to one another? Discuss, explore, and enact new ways to express love with one another and in your community.
C. Bible Brews
God calls us to ponder over Scripture and the Word. Listen and discuss stories in the midst of fresh coffee and tea.
D. Food for Thought
Love food? Love to cook? Spend time with others cooking while also learning what the Bible says about food.
E. Breaking Barriers
As children of God, we are called to love our neighbor despite our differences. Find ways to bridge the divide and promote community through scriptures and diversity.
F. Relationships
Talking about the difference between healthy and toxic relationships. Learn how to manage these, with those around you and God.
G. Harmony through Melody
Music is one of the world’s most powerful creations. Unite with peers and form a deeper spiritual connection through song and text.
H. Let Go and Let God
You are not alone, even in your darkest moments. Learn to let the Holy Spirit work in your life to bring peace and healing.
I. Shepherds and Sheep
As Christians we are called to be leaders and disciples of Christ. Learn how to spread the good news of Jesus in your day to day life.
J. Finding Your Place
A lot of times we find ourselves asking how we fit into the grand scheme of things. In this workshop we will discuss how to look for a sense of belonging in this world.


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