Because one of the most fundamental goals of Trinity Youth Conference is to develop and support Christian leaders, our Planning Team is made up of youth participants who do the primary work of selecting a theme, designing workshops, and inviting adult staff to serve. This Youth Planning Team is supported by an Adult Planning Team, whose primary responsibilities are to make the dreams of the youth a reality and to encourage the youth to consider some big picture changes and transformations within the community. The Planning Team meets at least once each year at a retreat for planning and also convenes virtual meetings.

The 2023 Planning Team met in early January to select and recruit the adult leadership, develop the theme for 2023 (A Light in  the Valley), choose the workshop topics, and plan camp activities.

To become a member of the youth Planning Team, campers complete an application and/or request an in-person interview with members of the Adult Planning Team. The Adult Planning Team invites the youth to serve on the Planning Team. Youth can elect to serve a one or two year term. At the end of each year, the Adult Planning Team conducts a review to celebrate the accomplishments of the youth and set goals for the following year.

The members of the TYC 2023 Planning Team are as follows:

Class of 2023

Ian McCall
Josh Noker
Bre/Jake Wolf

Class of 2024

Rachael Ammon


Adult Members

Lindsay Fraser (2024)
*Sara Hackett (2023)
*Jessica Kontostathis (2025)
*Rev. Steph Martin (2025)
Del Treese (2026)

* Denotes Planning Team Co-Chairperson
To become a member of Adult Planning Team, adults who have either served as staff or participated as campers can fill out an application. Applications are accepted in August through September every year. Adults serve on a 4 year rotating term.



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